We Invest In Technology So You Can Communicate (And Sleep Better)

Mitchell recently made significant investments in today’s most relevant print technology. These investments ensure that we remain leaders in print communication while improve quality, + consistency, save time, remove headaches, reduce costs, and lessen our environmental footprint- all benefits that we can share with our customers.


INSITE Prepress Portal Pre-Press Portal – Web-Based Client Interface

Mitchell Press’ INSITE Prepress Portal allows our customers’ teams to collaborate with us seamlessly — from anywhere and in real-time.

  • Upload your job instantly through our secure online portal.
  • Instant pre-flight check to spot problems with your files.
  • Mark up changes, set notifications, and collaborate with other team members remotely with Team Review.
  • Review your press proof from the comfort of your own office with Smart Review. Zoom in to pixel level, measure dimensions, check colours with a densitometer, and verify colour separations.
  • Compare and replace rejected pages with Arrange Pages.
  • Track and manage the progress of your project in real time.
  • Sign off on your project from anywhere, and request a printed proof if required.

INSITE is an HTML5-based system that works with Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

PRINERGY Automated Workflow Management System.

Integrating with our INSITE Prepress Portal, our world-leading PRINERGY automated workflow management system enables us to centralize control over our print manufacturing process, such as sharing job data (like imposition and page assignment) with our pre-press, production and management teams. This automated workflow system, combined with our business management system, enables Mitchell Press to provide faster, better quality, and more economical print solutions for our customers.

SQUAREspot means vibrancy and control


Prepress qualityGet sharper, more vibrant images with Mitchell Press’ high-resolution, 10,000 dpi SQUAREspot technology. While most laser systems deliver a laser spot with an effective diameter of about 1500 dpi with a fuzzy edge, Mitchell’s SQUAREspot Technology provides an amazing high resolution of 10,000 dpi, virtually eliminating the blurry dot profile. This enhanced dot profile provides the optimum in image stability, reliability and accuracy.

Ink Optimizing Colour Management

Vibrancy is paramount. Consistency is crucial. As a G7 Master Printer, Mitchell Press knows how to sharpen your images, maintain consistency of colour throughout an entire run year after year, and while we are at it, reduce make-ready and start-up waste.

Before Kodak Ink Optimizing Solution applied

Before Kodak Ink Optimizing Solution

After Kodak Ink Optimizing Solution applied

After Kodak Ink Optimizing Solution

MAXTONE Screening

While the web print industry standard is to print at a resolution of 150 lines per inch (LPI), our hybrid process combines the best of both stochastic and conventional screening technology, providing pin-sharp detail and crisp print reproduction creating a visual representation of 300 line screen or greater. This is something that not many web printers worldwide can achieve.

Process-Free Sonora Plates

Our environmentally-friendly Sonora process free plates by Kodak eliminate processing and chemistry from plate-making all together. We help to improve our environment, and maximize print quality and efficiency.


Komori & Heidelberg Web Presses

Mitchell Press runs the latest in web press technology. We have both Komori and Heidelberg presses, which print both 4 and 5 colour jobs, complete with inline register-control systems, scanning densitometers and closed-loop color correction, as well as a multitude of inline options such as coating, folding, perforating, gluing and trimming. These presses combined with the latest in pre-press technology to deliver the ultimate in quality, speed and flexibility.



We offer a full range of binding and finishing capabilities, including perfect binding and saddle stitching, foiling, embossing, case binding, cutting, blow-in inserts, tip on add-ins, bind-in cards, polybags, polywraps, inline inkjet addressing, belly bands and much more. Our brand new stitching line includes an automatic tip-in inserter for customized publications.

Mitchell DIGITAL

Our digital room is anchored by the Kodak Nexpress ZX 3300 with unparalleled special effects and capabilities. The future of print is now. Combine your creative ideas and our capabilities to launch your brand stories in truly incredible fashion.

Bring your design challenge to Mitchell DIGITAL* and unleash the power of true customization.

Have a project in the works? Let us help!