Sustainability Solutions For Today’s Business

We are committed to developing sustainable solutions for our clients to help their brands and our environment. We constantly enhance our environmental mitigation strategies- not only does it sustain our environment, it is good business.

Our ongoing Mitigation Strategy includes:

Recycle everything. Paper, plastic, wood, metal, electronics, and unused inks are all recycled responsibly.

Powersmart Partners. Mitchell Press is a leader in energy management and has met BC Hydro’s “PowerSmart” program requirements in the development of our energy-efficient facility. Some of the eco-friendly initiatives we implemented include:

High efficiency lighting with motion sensors to turn off lights automatically when not required
100% recyclable office carpets that are also made of 25% recycled materials
Heat Recycling: Heat generated by our compressors and afterburners are used to heat our plant, significantly reducing our natural gas usage. In addition, our afterburners use the solvents from the printing ink as fuel, again enabling us to consume less gas

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified by the Rainforest Alliance (FSC® C011267) FSC® certification gives customers the option to choose paper that has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. FSC ® was founded in 1993 in response to concerns about deforestation. The “Rainforest Alliance Certified™” seal of approval assures consumers that they are buying a sustainable product.

We actively support responsible forestry and environmental protection and encourage our suppliers to provide sustainable and ethical materials and services.

We advise on environmental best practices for publications, work to ensure minimal waste and reduced footprint while encouraging sustainably managed paper choices.

PrePress automation using InSite Portal enables clients to preflight their own work, saving time, money and physical proofing.

Electronic or alternate proofing – some projects only require color calibrated Electronic Proofs further eliminating materials. Alternatively we can provide a single color-calibrated finished book in our Mitchell DIGITAL room reducing the need for costly proofing substrates.

Office Reduction plans focus on electronic billing/invoicing and programming output devices for max savings using high PCW paper

Review our Recycling partners for compliance and best practices for continual improvement

Strong Preference for partners who share our strong environmental and social ideals

Vegetarians, we use vegetable-based nominal VOC inks and UV coatings. Left over inks are further down-cycled for use in newspaper inks.

Save Water by using Process Free printing plates, saving thousands of litres of water each year

Eliminate Solvents using process-free plates allows us to eliminate chemistry from plate making altogether. This means that no toxic chemicals are entering our eco-system — ever

Use waste as fuel, our afterburners use solvents from the printing ink as fuel, enabling us to consume less gas and still destroy 99.9% of the volatile organic compounds

Divert Air Compressor heat back into the plant for secondary heating during winter

Reduced Power Consumption: Our press chiller reduces power consumption by cooling water in rooftop units, using ambient air temperature during the cooler months

We promote inclusion and diversity within our organization.

Audit your Print Job, find out how much energy, water and trees were saved during the printing of your job – ask for an Eco-Audit

Our physical plant was built with exceptionally high building standards including thermal roof liner, intelligent energy consumption and hyper efficient workflows.

Award-Winning Environmentally-Friendly Plant

Environmental Award Winner

A leader in environmental processes, Mitchell Press won PrintAction’s industry award: “Most Environmentally Progressive Manufacturing Process.”


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