Time to get creative! What finishing options are you looking for? Mitchell Press can offer a multitude of binding and finishing options in-line or off-line. In-line options offer the ultimate in speed, efficiency, and economy, while off-line options maximize versatility and creative impact

Fast & Efficient Binding & Finishing

  • Stitching: The most commonly used form of stitching for documents of 128 pages or less is the saddle-stitch (also known as wire stitching or side stitching). This binding is essentially staples along the spine, as you would see in most magazines or brochures.
  • Perfect Binding: Another option for magazines, catalogues and books that are more than 80 pages is perfect binding. Rather than sewing or stitching, the spine is glued with a flexible adhesive to a protective cover.
  • Other Binding Options: If saddle stitching or perfect binding are not what you are looking for, Mitchell Press can provide a multitude of other options, such as wire coil binding and cerlox binding.
  • Collating: If your document is composed of multiple signatures, the press sheets will have to be collated. As an added measure of quality control, Mitchell Press has scanning technology on our stitching lines to prevent missing or mis-collated signatures.
  • Folding: While much of our folding is done inline on the press, some unique folding options are available off-line.

Cool & Creative Binding & Finishing

  • Belly Bands: Wrap an advertising teaser around your magazine. This is a great way to attract attention.
  • Polybagging & Polywraps: Protect your project from tears and scuffs with a clear, pre-printed, recyclable or biodegradable plastic covering.
  • Gluing: Want a tip-on insert — or even a poster — glued into place? Or maybe an envelope adhered to an interior page. The removable fugitive glue is the ideal answer.
  • Spot Varnish & Lamination: Make all or parts of your project shine with special coatings, lamination or spot varnishes.
  • Tabs: Need to add tab sections to your document? Mitchell Press can help you determine the most effective way to meet your needs.
  • Die Cuts: Interesting shapes, curves, or holes can make your document stand out in a crowd. Ask us about specialty die-cuts.
  • Embossing: Do you want a relief image (raised or sunken) to give your project extra texture? Mitchell Press can help you meet your needs.
  • Foil Stamping: Add some shine to your project with metallic foil stamping or embossing. While metallic inks add a touch of pizzazz, foil stamping really stands out!
  • Drilling: Need holes in your document? Whether you want a standard 3-hole punch feature for inserting into a 3-ring binder, or you simply want some decorative feature, Mitchell Press can provide a solution.
  • Personalization: Need inkjet addressing or labelling? Learn more about our mailing and distribution service.
  • Bundling & Packages: Need to send shrink-wrapped bundles or pallets to multiple locations? Mitchell Press offers a variety of warehousing, shipping, and distribution options.

Have a project in the works? Let us help!