Getting your product to the door can be one of your most challenging objectives. Do you need to send multiple large pallets to several locations, and then have to customize the distribution from those sites? Do you need warehousing and storage? Is bulk mail right for you? Or is personalized direct mail and tracking a better solution? Or maybe you want to do inserts into multiple local newspapers.

Strategy Development

Whatever your needs, Mitchell Press has some of the industry’s best campaign planning advisors to help you devise the most effective mailing and distribution strategy for your project.


Each project is unique. Do you need to store your documents in a warehouse and respond to on-going fulfillment orders? Maybe you need to store your documents for specific regular mailing campaigns. Or maybe you simply need temporary storage while your project is re-bundled for separate target markets.

Whatever your project, Mitchell Press has ample storage space to address multiple warehousing needs. As an added bonus, our inventory and warehouse software enables us to easily provide you with notifications when your inventory gets low, and provide you with real-time inventory tracking.

Shipping & Fulfillment

If your project needs to be bundled and shipped to multiple distribution sites, Mitchell Press can handle all your needs. Through our pick and pack services, we separate sections of your overall order, modify them for your specific target markets (ie: market-specific coupons or other promotions), and bundle them for delivery to multiple news stands or other destinations.

Shipping services include bulk shipping, parcel delivery, courier, hand delivery, and optional overnight or same day delivery. To maximize cost savings for our customers, we use parcel zone shipping and other cost saving techniques to maximize your shipping dollar.

Included with all deliveries are package tracking, notifications and delivery confirmation, as well as hassle-free returns processing.

Barcoded labels, electronic and paper manifests are also available through our online shipping management system.

US and Canadian drop shipping is also available, and includes fast and easy electronic customs clearance.

Mailing & Delivery

  • Mitchell Press offers full high speed, automated, multi-function mailing and distribution services to residential and business locations across Canada and the USA. From unaddressed bulk mail campaigns to personalized addressed direct mail, Mitchell Press can help you determine the most effective way for you to maximize your distribution dollar. Services include:
  • List Management: This includes address verification, de-duping, and National Change of Address (NCOA) verification.
  • Personalization: Inkjet addressing onto magazine covers (inline during the printing process) or on polybags. While not as common anymore, Cheshire labeling is also available.
  • Geographic Targeting: Need to deliver slightly different variations of your project to fulfill distinct geographical promotions either regionally, nationally, or internationally? These differences can be dealt with through our inline printing system or via our pick and pack service.
  • Postage or Postal Drops: Whether you have a mailing list or not, we can arrange delivery via first class direct mail, bulk postage, Personalized Mail (formerly Admail), or unaddressed Neighbourhood Mail.
  • Delivery Consultation: Not sure of the best methods for your project delivery? Our distribution and mailing experts are very familiar with Canada Post and the United States Postal Service standards and requirements, as well as multiple shipping companies, and can help you devise a distribution strategy that maximizes your savings and helps you reach your objectives quicker and easier.

Have a project in the works? Let us help!