It’s all about sales. The printed piece is still your best vehicle for opening the door to new potential revenue. You need to capture those prospects that aren’t necessarily looking for your product or service. You need to entice them to visit your business and learn more about making a purchase. You want them to act.

A glossy flyer inserted into the local newspaper or small direct mail brochure is frequently the first step in your sales chain. You want your printed piece to reflect the quality of your product. You want your product to look so good that your prospect can’t resist. You want the quality of Mitchell Press.

Quality That Sells

Compared to a cold-set press, Mitchell Press’ heat-set web presses can print on a wider range and a higher quality of paper. The heat-set process ensures a high gloss finish that is fully dried right off the end of the press, with perfect registration and vibrant colours that jump off the page. While high quality print was traditionally left to sheet-fed printers, Mitchell Press demonstrates an uncompromising quality that can be put up against any sheet-fed press. Learn more about presses

Options That Capture

What options and features are you looking for? Cool folds? High gloss UV coating? What about a 5th PMS spot colour? Mitchell Press can meet your needs with the quality you expect. Explore some of these typical print options:

  • Cool Sizes: Get creative. With the largest sheet size of about 2 feet x 3 feet (22 3/4” x 38”), your project can be almost any finished size you imagine. Whether you want a large 11” x 17” newspaper insert or a 4” x 9” rack brochure, Mitchell Press can match your creativity with quality.
  • Thick Or Thin…Shiny Or Subtle: Mitchell Press can print on diverse print stocks, such as gloss, matte, or recycled … on paper that is as feather light as 36 lb text weight or as heavy as 9 pt cover stock.
  • Unique Folds: This is where you can really get creative. From map folds to gate-folds, Mitchell Press can make your project truly distinctive.
  • Coatings & Varnishes: If you want that extra level of distinction, Mitchell press can provide a diverse range of coatings and varnishes.
  • Adhesives: From peel and stick labelling to sticky inserts, Mitchell Press can customize your project to your specifications.
  • Perforations: Want to include a tear-off reply card or form? Perforations can be done in line on the same paper stock, or off line on a heavy card stock.

Learn more about printing options. View Binding & Finishing 

Mailing & Distribution Services

Mitchell Press offers high speed, automated, multi-function mailing and distribution services to residential and business locations across Canada and the USA. From unaddressed bulk mail campaigns to personalized addressed direct mail, Mitchell Press can help you determine the most effective way to maximize your distribution dollar. Services include distribution planning, warehousing, polybagging, pick and pack sorting, same-day delivery, package tracking, and more. View Mailing & Distribution Services

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