Mitchell Press Switches To Process Free Plates

Written by Mitchell Press | Tuesday, 02 September 2014

“Well it seems that KODAK has once again outdone themselves,” said Dan Castilloux, Owner and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Mitchell Press. “The tests that we have been running with KODAK’s Sonora plates have been truly remarkable. Our partnership with KODAK has truly flourished since we first installed Prinergy two years ago and it has been a winning combination.”


Today we can confirm that we no longer use any water or chemicals in the making of our plates. That is a statement that many of our competitors cannot make, and the environmental impact of that statement makes us extremely proud. Since this plate is a “digital” plate it also means that the consistency of the imaged area is exact. There is no chemical process to develop or gum the plate so what you expose is what you get. When combined with our newly installed Magnus with Square Spot technology, it is truly a winning combination.


“Today we print sharper and more consistent than we have ever printed before – and we had tight controls and processes already! We have reduced our power consumption and water usage, while also eliminating the use of chemistry that had to be disposed of. These environmental benefits are important to us, and we know they are also very important to our customers as well.” said Castilloux.

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