Travel Alberta

“No other web press printer in the country can meet Mitchell Press’ quality.
It’s simply night and day”

Tammy Ish
Production Manager
C&B Advertising

When C&B Advertising became the agency of record for Travel Alberta in 2013, they investigated multiple web press printers across Canada for their various Travel Alberta publications and eventually the Calgary Stampede Planner and Lottery Brochures. These publications were typically 100+ page magazines.

With lots of gorgeous scenic photos, Travel Alberta required high quality print reproduction that would capture the vibrancy of their images and brand. Standard sheet-fed printing was not a viable option as it would be too costly for a 500,000 print run.

Upon closer inspection of multiple web press printing companies throughout the country, C&B Advertising and Travel Alberta recognized that not all web presses are created equal. “Most Canadian web printers do not specialize in the quality reproduction that we were looking for. We wanted something more comparable to sheet-fed printing,” says C&B Advertising Production Manager, Tammy Ish.

Mitchell Press, on the other hand, stood out.  Printing at about 220-line screen, Mitchell Press’ quality is comparable to sheet-fed printing.  In fact, “most people would have to use a printer’s loupe to see the difference,” adds Ms. Ish. “No other web press printer in the country can meet Mitchell Press’ quality.  It’s simply night and day.”

While Mitchell Press was the obvious choice for quality, they also provided competitive costs.  But it was not cost that enticed C&B Advertising to retain Mitchell Press for their printing. It was the experience.

“Working with Mitchell Press is a dream,” says Ms. Ish. “They take pride in their work. They understand client needs, such as getting the right skin tones or matching crossovers*.  They care as much about printing as we do in creating the project. ” Ms. Ish adds, “It’s rare to see a printer that sets such high standards,” citing the experience and skill set of Mitchell Press’ employees calling them “amazing, efficient and professional.”

“Our experience with Mitchell Press is unbelievable,” affirms Ms. Ish.  “We are not a number to them.  As a boutique printer, they treated us like family.   For them, it’s not about the dollar.  It’s about producing a great product.”

“I would definitely recommend Mitchell Press for printing projects,” says Ms. Ish. “They are awesome!”

* A “crossover” is when an image is printed across a spread of two pages. This often requires printing on completely separate press sheets or signatures.  As such, it is essential that the first printed sheets in a half a million run retain the same level of ink coverage and vibrancy as the last sheets.



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