Salish Sea Sentinel

“Excellent quality. Mitchell Press has helped us shine.”

Mark Kiemele, Editor
Salish Sea Sentinel Magazine


The Coast Salish First Nations celebrate success with their landmark magazine, the Salish Sea Sentinel, published by the 11-member Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council.  In 2014, a decade after its original inception as a newsletter, the Salish Sea Sentinel was transformed into a glossy magazine, with an expanded reach throughout BC’s inner Pacific Coast.

Published 10 times a year, the new the 32-page Salish Sea Sentinel, printed by Mitchell Press, features a variety of stories on culture, economic development, governance and infrastructure. In particular, it celebrates First Nations emerging economies, from large retail shopping complexes and housing developments to forestry, fisheries and other resource industries.

The magazine distributes from 7,000 to 10,000 print copies per month to travellers along all the major BC Ferry routes and other locations, as well as a substantial subscriber base, including BC business leaders, government and First Nations members. The publication also distributes an online version of the publication.

“The publication has been very well received,” says the Salish magazine editor, Mark Kiemele. “It not only enhances community pride and promotes engagement, the magazine also provides the added benefit of improving communications with the broader British Columbian population.”

“The printed document is very impressive,” adds Kiemele. “The quality is excellent and the prices are very competitive — Mitchell Press has helped us shine!”

The Salish Sea Sentinel advertising and distribution manager, Manoj Sood, also attests “the quality of work is exceptional.”  He adds, “Mitchell Press is very technologically advanced. Communication with them is immediate and efficient.  Their professionalism is perfect, but what we like most is that they treat us like we are their only client. They care about our success and it shows.”

Learn more about the Naut’sa Mawt Tribal Council and the Salish Sea Sentinel.

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