Mitchell Press has grown to become Western Canada’s largest — and BC’s only — high speed, premium quality, commercial printer. Why? Because we care.

We care about our industry. We care about the quality of our product. We care about providing premium customer service, streamlining workflow and eliminating headaches. We care about our customer’s success and meeting tight deadlines. We care about our people. And we care about protecting our planet.
This unparalleled commitment to excellence is seen in everything we do — from our investment in the latest in print technology to the cleanliness of our facility.


Originally founded by Howard T. Mitchell as a financial newspaper in 1928, Mitchell Press is in its third generation of family ownership. Taking family values to heart, we believe in hiring people with the same sense of care, commitment, and integrity that we apply to everything we do. This philosophy has proven immensely successful and today Mitchell Press employs more than 80 people.

With a modern, clean, custom built, award-winning 64,000 square foot facility, Mitchell Press — a G7 qualified Master Printer — is the largest commercial heat-set web printer in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, outputting an average of over 2 billion printed pages per year for a wide range of clients.

Recognized industry-wide for our commitment to high quality, personable service and fast turnaround, Mitchell Press continues to invest in our technology, our processes, our people and our customers.

Technology – Investing In Out Future

Impressions Matter. We know you want to make — and maintain — a good impression on your customers. We know that the quality of your printed piece reflects on the professionalism of your business and directly affects your future success. At Mitchell Press, we believe in investing in the technology that is necessary to maximize quality, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Having invested in the latest technology, we can simplify processes, save you a huge amount of time, and ease your burden. We meet exacting demands for colour, vibrancy and clarity, and we do it consistently, even as we work to minimize our environmental footprint. Learn more about our technology


Our Environment Matters. Mitchell Press believes not only in the future of printing, but also in the future of our planet. From the design of our custom-built facility to the acquisition of industry-leading technology, award-winning Mitchell Press believes in operating within a strict environmental framework. From the use of eco-friendly products and high efficiency lighting, to a stringent recycling program, we ensure that the environment is top of mind in everything we do. In fact, with the latest and greatest technology, we have significantly reduced waste, eliminated hazardous chemicals from our process, and saved thousands of litres of water every year. Learn more about our sustainability.

Quality – G7 Master Printer

Quality Matters. As a G7 Master Printer, Mitchell Press has achieved the highest industry standard for quality assurance in the world.

The G7 Master designation identifies print service providers, prepress providers, and creative agencies that excel in implementing the international standard for G7 Proof-to-Print Process, a calibration method that allows printers to achieve a visual simulation across multiple print platforms. Managed by IDEAlliance®, a global association dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards, the G7 master qualification is achieved by using the most modern technology, techniques, processes, and maintenance programs available to produce high-caliber printing.

Personable Service

While providing the latest and greatest technology — with a small environmental footprint — is a crucial part of our success, it truly is our personable service that makes Mitchell Press stand apart.

With the culture of a family-owned business, people always come first. It truly is all about relationships. We believe in being accessible, approachable, and helpful. We believe in putting you first and providing you with the right advice to help you achieve your objectives in the most effective and efficient manner possible, from consulting on the parameters of a print job to helping you determine the best distribution strategy.

We invite you to discover what hundreds of other publishers, corporations and design firms already know. Visit our plant and learn for yourself why Mitchell Press stands apart from all other commercial web printers.

Mitchell Press … “Every Impression Matters”


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